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Orchid Splendor by belle fleur
Orchid Splendor
Original and exclusive creation from belle fleur.  Impressive and majestic creation of bamboos and orchids.  Starting at $150. As shown $275. BF03
Tapestry Vase Lush Version
Impressive combination of roses, bells of Ireland, delphiniums and hydrangeas.  Starting at $150. As shown $150. BF02
Basket Style Design
Features Seasonal Blossoms and Colors  Starting at $175. As shown $275. BF150
Tapestry Vase by belle fleur
Green Blooming Orchid Cymbidium
The graceful appearance of the Cymbidium orchid draws immediate attention evoking a sense of refinement, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.  Starting at $175, depending on the size. BF115
Pink Princess Peonies
They can live for an astounding 40 to 50 years, survive the harshest winters or resist a drought. Want to impress your love? this is the way.  Starting at $175, depending on the size and the season. BF127
Endless Summer Pink Hydrangeas
Huge bouquets of clustered flowers from summer through fall. Known as the chameleons of the plantae kingdom. Starting at $150. As shown $175. BF125
White Blooming Orchid Cymbidium Green Blooming Orchid Cymbidium by belle fleur Pink Princess Peonies by belle fleur
Touch of Elegance - Red Compact Design
The red roses are a well known expression of love. They also convey devotion and respect. The number of roses has a meaning too. A dozen means "I love You" and "Be Mine".  Starting at $200.00. As shown $250. BF126
Endless Summer Pink Hydrangeas by belle fleur
White Dreams Hydrangeas Compact
Vigorous, round and abundant cluster of flowers, matching the fun explosion of lilies. Perfect arrangement for any occasion: business, thank you, love, congratulations or simply "I miss you".  As shown $125. BF128
Touch of Elegance Red Compact Design by belle fleur
Alpinia Purpurata Vase
The tall and strong Red Ginger comes from Malaysia. Showy flowers on brightly colored red bracts. The true flower is the small white blossom on the top.  Starting at $150. As shown $175. BF132
Tuscan Sun Low Compact
A beautiful and original combination of yellow tones with soft greens to illuminate any special occasion. No matter the reason, this compact is a piece of conversation. Starting at $125.00 As shown $150. BF123
Open Heart Shape Anthuriums
Tropical flowers with intense and bright red color. Symbol of hospitality. According to the myth, protects against the evil and brings luck. Starting at $95. As shown $95. BF124
Alpinia Purpurata Vase by belle fleur Tuscan Sun Low Compact by belle fleur Open Hearth Shape Anthuriums by belle fleur
Alluring Tulips Festival by belle fleur
Looking for the perfect floral arrangement to brighten a special someone's day?  A long history of passionate love and fairy tales surrounds the different colors of the flower and its meaning.  Contact the shop for color availability. Starting at $175. As shown $175. BF116 Available in season only
World To Me
Perfect combination of Hydrangeas and willow branches in a low base to embrace the delicacy of the flowers and protect them from the outer world.  Another unique design from our shop to you. Starting at $125. BF131
Alluring Tulips Festival by belle fleur World To Me by belle fleur
All In Bloom by belle fleur
Breathtaking arrangement of season flowers with a special combination made by our florists. No time to think about the flowers you want? This is the perfect selection to leave that special person speechless. Starting at $100. As shown $125 BF12
Cheerful Hydrangea Posh Compact Arrangement
Nice detail for someone who needs support, or having a difficult moment in life. Full vase with hydrangeas in several colors, picked according to the season. Contact the shop for color availability. Starting at $115 BF825
Cheerful Hydrangea Posh Compact Arrangement by belle fleur All In Bloom by belle fleur
Red Passion Bump Vase
One of the favorites for most of our customers, A small vase full of love and feelings to show how important your significant other is in your life. Perfect to display in the office or for an intimate dinner at your favorite restaurant. Contact the shop for color availability. As shown $125. BF07
Bring Your Vase*
We are here to serve you and make you happy. If you have a special container, and want it to be the center of attraction in your house or a private event, please bring it to belle fleur and we will fill it with the most beautiful flowers we have in our shop...or overseas.  Sky is the limit. Starting at $35.
​*Limited choices during special holidays. Contact the shop.

Red Passion Bump Vase by belle fleur